Dear friends,
we’ve been overwhelmed with the amazing response that our State-Sponsored Homophobia report has received.

We hope that all its materials will be of use for human rights defenders, researchers, civil society organisations, governmental and UN agencies, media and allies.

We are grateful for all your feedbacks, and we immediately acted to amend a few issues within the documents.

  • Slovenia was listed as a State with marriage equality: however, it only has strong partnership legislation which came into force in early 2017. Entries on the country were amended to reflect that.
  • References to the Penal Code of Iran were updated to reflect amendments that came into force in 2015.

We quickly acted to pick up on these issues, which we have now rectified in reports, maps and datasets. The updated versions of all these materials are available for download at the same link supplied earlier, and on these pages:


We welcome your feedbacks on the State-Sponsored Homophobia report 2017!

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